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The staff of Socio-Therapeutic Yough Center - NIBYLANDIA - THE NEVERLAND

Everything that concerns the youth club lays in hands of one full-time employee – the director who also works as a special education teacher . The youth club has also another teacher and a group of volunteers responsible for various workshops and compensatory classes.

The Nibylandia’s (Neverland’s) director – Mrs. Bernarda Grzywacz-Nowicka

Married to a knight, mother of two beautiful daughters – Estera and Daria. Sunday school teacher, founder of ASLAN Preschool Christian Club in Poznan, Poland.

For three years she had worked for “Dawid” Christian Preschool in Poznan, Poland. Currently works as a director of “Nibylandia” Socio-Therapeutic Youth Club in Poznan, Poland. ( Nibylandia stands for Neverland in English).

Master of Arts in Special and Preschool Education and Religious Education.

Determined to learn throughout whole her life.

Her life motto is: “Give a child love and clearly defined rules and you’ll see him growing into a responsible and kind man”.


Barbara Pirogowicz – teacher

Sociologist, educationist. In 2004-2006 worked as a social worker in Social Assistance Institute. Currently a student of Preschool Education Studies in Higher School of Liberal and Journalism Studies in Poznan, Poland.



Our volunteers are members of Stowarzyszenie Pomocy “Inny Dom” w Poznaniu (”Different Home” Help Association in Poznan, Poland). They run various number of workshops which form occupational therapy program:

Marek Kulasiński – self-assistance workshop

Edyta Wójcik – English classes

Dale Taylor – model-making workshop

Krzysztof Nowicki – model-making workshop

Rafał Nowak – art workshops

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