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The Neverland - Nibylandia

There is a place in Świerczewo – The Neverland is it’s name!

It is the place where children in the age of 7-16 may creatively, safe and enjoyably spend their time.

The Socio-Therapeutic Youth Center is opened from Monday to Friday, from 1:00PM to 6:00PM

It is opened throughout the year with an exception of statutory holidays as well as bank holidays.

Children are provided with tutelary care and educational activities both individually and in groups. Main focus of these activities is to help children who have fallen behind in school in order to catch up with their peers and equalize their chances to obtain good educational background.

Therefore the Neverland is equipped with all kinds of encyclopedias, dictionaries, books (for required/recommended reading) and other interesting reading matters for children and teenagers – this is all to encourage children to read more.

There is also a free access to the Internet which is helpful in doing homework’s, learning new things and gaining knowledge about the world. Thanks to different kind of occupational activities children can overcome their personal constraints and barriers, at the same time being encourage to discover their talents and strong characteristics – it all results in children’s higher self-esteem.

Occupational activities are also a great opportunity for their emotional abreaction, which is extremely important considering the life difficulties these children have to face.

All activities provide for and include interesting topics both for girls as well as boys.

Children have the opportunity to attend social therapy interactions. These meetings are closed in its nature and discreet. Therapies are regular and take place every week - 1,5 hour per week for each group of children. Subject matter is adapted to both age and needs of children. Some problems which children may have are being dealt with individually, between the child and the therapist. Furthermore, parents may obtain pedagogic counsel at any time from the teaching staff.

All families because of their difficult situation, may also obtain food aid, which through our association is provided by the Food Bank.

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