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Our Mission - "A ID - Different Home" Help Association in Poznan

We are a group of mostly young people who are united by the idea of helping others and inspiring them to bring help to next ones.

We strongly believe that life can be much more interesting and useful when our concerns go beyond our own private world.

This world around us is full of people in need, people who cannot fit their society. In our actions we, first of all, want to reach children – those afflicted by pathology - as well as teenagers who in such a young age are under influence of alcohol and drugs.

Many of them begin such living and it is the best moment to intervene – before their situation gets worse making it more complicated in getting back to reality.

The mail difficulty in working with such kids is their own unwillingness to cooperate with those who want to help them.

Some members of our Association dealt with similar issues in their past which makes it easier to cooperate with kids like that.

Moreover, in our actions we would like to inspire those kids to reach others with their assistance. That’s why working with risk group children is so crucial to us. Our desire is to provide a chance for them to develop their talents, interests and create the alternative to the so called street life they run.

In our actions we attempt to connect them with specialists and institutions which could help them in dealing with everyday life problems and financial help.

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